When does MFA require F2A?

When does MFA require F2A? It's tough to find a cyber insurer today who does not require their insureds to deploy multi-factor authentication (aka MFA) across their organization. It’s a fairly well-understood concept to most agents that it's now a “No-MFA, No Play” game, and the absence of a positive...

Alabama Data Breach Law

Alabama Insurance Agency Regulations: Alabama Dept. Of Insurance Data Security Program Requirements Producers & Licensee Data Security Obligations Alabama Definition of Information Security Program (more…)

Louisiana Breach Law

Louisiana Insurance Agency Regulations: Louisiana Dept. Of Insurance Data Security Program Requirements Producers & Licensee Data Security Obligations (more…)

5 Unpopular Predictions for Cyber Insurers in 2022

5 Unpopular Predictions for 2022 Cyber Insurers Should Innovate or Expect a Brutal Year As the crazy rollercoaster ride of 2021's cyber insurance market comes to a close, many diverse end-of-year predictions are being published. TEKRiSQ's data-driven observations from numerous real-world client conversations predict more of the same... and then...

Law Firms: Serious Breach Targets!

Dean Mechlowitz Co-Founder Be prepared for Social Engineering events, Cyber Crime, Business Interruption, Regulatory compliance issues and more A majority of agencies that deal in Lawyers Professional Liability are aware of the importance of firm management systems that track court filing dates and conflicts of interest, particularly for Litigation firms. While insurance underwriting is...

Tennessee Data Breach Law

When Do You Need to Report a Breach? Any person or company conducting business in Tennessee must follow the state's data breach laws, which require businesses to inform their customers when their data is compromised in a breach. If more than 1,000 Tennessee residents are affected by a breach, businesses...

South Carolina Data Breach Laws

South Carolina Data Breach Laws: When You Can Be Fined South Carolina's Financial Identity Fraud and Identity Theft Protection Act requires businesses to notify their customers about a data breach and inform consumer reporting agencies when the breach affects more than 1,000 SC residents. Businesses can be fined $1,000 per consumer affected...

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