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The fastest, most affordable way to

independently diagnose cyber risks.


A new kind of cybersecurity company that helps small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to make critical improvements that minimize cyber & technology risks. We help insurance companies and their insured clients to identify & address these issues, which can be expensive and an enormous distraction to your core business.

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Assess Cyber Risk Risk Assessments

TEKRiSQ’s Cyber Risk Assessments accommodate clients of all sizes & industries. We pinpoint key risks in as little as 30 minutes to profile a client’s cyber wellness… the ability to prevent, respond to and mitigate risks. Our platform transforms data into documents to inform and update insurers, regulators, business partners and customers.

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Mitigate Risk Simple Recommendation

We make actionable, pragmatic recommendations that SMBs can easily implement to limit exposure to business risks. TEKRiSQ can help deploy solutions that are always simple and affordable, and improve your risk profile…fast!

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Prevent Risk Solutions, Services & Training

We offer easy-to-use solutions to fill cyber security gaps. We can arm your team with basic knowledge to transform them into your strongest asset. We provide fast, affordable and digestible solutions that won’t distract staff nor break the bank.

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