Modern cybersecurity is failing to protect a majority of small/medium sized business. WE’RE CHANGING THAT.

Who is TEKRiSQ?

The TEKRiSQ Team are experienced cybersecurity professionals with strong domain expertise in networks, data security, software systems, health tech, technology-oriented risk & cyber insurance. We are business development assets who will help your SMB clients, and help you grow your cyber opportunities. 

Our Mission

To help transform Enterprise SMB clients into cyber-resilient, well-prepared ecosystem members and fully insurable companies.

Core Values

Our process to protect SMB clients is focused on these objectives;
  • Build client cultures of cyber wellness, using simple, proven modern methods.
  • Prioritize speed, efficiency & automation or our partners and their SMB clients.
  • Focus on client-value &  front-end diligence to  yield powerful long-term results.
  • Help clients navigate cyber risk, strengthen their resilience, and grow business.


Leadership Team