Alabama Data Breach Law

Alabama Insurance Agency Regulations: Alabama Dept. Of Insurance Data Security Program Requirements Producers & Licensee Data Security Obligations Alabama Definition of Information Security Program (more…)

Business Owners Remain Overconfident About Cyber Threats

There is an issue we have seen time and time again - business owners do not understand or appreciate their cyber risk and they remain overconfident about their ransomware risks.   According to a recent article citing an Embroker report published in Carrier Management, business owners remain” vastly overconfident about both...

South Carolina Data Breach Laws

South Carolina Data Breach Laws: When You Can Be Fined South Carolina's Financial Identity Fraud and Identity Theft Protection Act requires businesses to notify their customers about a data breach and inform consumer reporting agencies when the breach affects more than 1,000 SC residents. Businesses can be fined $1,000 per consumer affected...

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