CyberCertified means EVERYONE WINS.

Using the TEKRiSQ  CyberCertifed  approach, your extended teams all uniquely benefit;


Working closely with clients builds the trust & confidence that lets you protect them year after year. Don't risk credibility playing part-time cybersecurity expert. Get clients practical advice to build strong practices & maintain insurability. TEKRiSQ's proven cyber risk management program extends trust and means streamlined renewals.


Building a growing, data-driven agency with strong insureds means effective process, valuable insurance relationships and powerful risk management programs. TEKRiSQ can deliver these under your brand, and help you convert cyber into your most powerful line of business. Make your clients cyber resilient now.


Base your underwriting on reliable, consistent information from cybersecurity professionals. Avoid misstatements, omissions, poorly understood responses in submissions. Focus on verified, certified cyber controls for better confidence and controllable risks. Reward ongoing improvements with incentives.


Streamline basic cybersecurity and how your cyber risk profile is used in business processes. Put key controls in quickly that make you insurable, and proactively position your business as a better risk. Collaborate with business partners to show you're covered and safe to do business with. Build a culture of cyber wellness.


Each agency operates differently. Without direct relationships with insureds, your markets may see wildly inconsistent submissions originating from your brand. TEKRiSQ can hep you standardize cyber submissions, reduce effort and increase your bind ratios. We'll give you a unique way to improve the application process.


With no uniformity across agencies, and no direct relationship with insureds, you're unable to assure reliability of submissions. Working with TEKRiSQ allows you to replace cyber apps with a simple, easy process that gets better results and increases bind ratios. You can uniquely brand this approach for all your clients.


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