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What are partnerships between cyber insurer and insureds based on?

TEKRiSQ’s CyberCertified process is changing the way technology risks get insured. Insurers are using our CyberCertified process to streamline collaboration between carrier, agency and insured client. Results include better quote-to-bind ratios, accelerated underwriting to meet market demand , and ongoing accountability through verification. As a result, we can help you with…

Deeper Insight
Our CyberPrimed and CyberCertified processes will deliver unprecedented client insight, and a reliable look under-the-hood at things that can’t be identified by scans, apps, etc. This form of loss prevention is key to selecting strong risks resulting in greater profitability.

TEKRiSQ will deliver the missing accountability in the application process, validating solutions are not only in place, but deployed thoroughly and across the entire organization. We’ll also track improvements (or lack thereof) over time, and display the insured’s true cyber culture through behavioral analytics. The resulting assurances are the cornerstone of a partnership with your insureds.

Improved Distribution
Our agency partners appreciate the value of both short-term efficiencies and the persistency that results from driving a culture of cyber resilience across their client base. They’re differentiating themselves by doing so, and place more business with underwriters who reward those initiatives. We closely collaborate and reduce field friction through accelerating quotes and coverage terms faster, easier and more affordably. Cyber’s importance among the best agencies is growing, and TEKRiSQ’s process prevents “quote mill” practices.

Reduce “Open Market” Quoting
By working together, our process focuses on fast and easy client conversations, and steers documentation to underwriting. We provide summaries to agents that motivate clients, and can populate any required artifacts. This reduces “homework” for the agent and their insureds, and cuts the motives for open-market quoting.

Solve the Shortage
By leveraging TEKRiSQ resources, you can save underwriters time, provide visibility of previously unavailable data, and create a “pre-authorized” process to write more business with better scrutiny… without additional headcount. Our process is sticky, and facilitates much faster renewals with the benefit of client behavioral data and cyber wellness insights. We’ll help entrench agents and their insureds without sacrificing upfront diligence by making more clients insurable, and putting prudent cyber practices in place. A facultative analysis will show this approach already works well in cybersecurity , and will provide a better process to broadly insure SMBs.

Confidently Quote More Clients
Making this work through your distribution channels will provide the confidence that this can uniquely complement your strategy. TEKRiSQ is built for tremendous scale, and can help bring more good risks to your company.