Training Curriculum


TEKRiSQ provides modern engaging content.

We deliver training from the world’s first psychological security company.  This series of training courses and videos build upon the latest in psychological, educational, and neurological research. Not only is this content modern and highly educational, but all content contains humor and entertainment. Employees will find it crisp and stimulating.

All of our courses and videos have been reviewed by a number of cybersecurity credentialed professionals and training experts. While the field of psychological security invites researchers from all backgrounds, it currently draws upon three axioms to ground its research. The following three axioms or “pillars” are not exhaustive, but influence our work in building  Security Awareness and Compliance Training Courses.

  • Non-Punitive Training: We focus on positive reinforcement and encouraging training that provides opportunities for correction and growth. The goal of these courses is not to trick people into discovering their shortcomings, but rather, to discover ways people can grow in their pattern recognition of manipulation through technology.
  • Non-Dilutive Training: We focus on exactly what people need to know, and when they need to know it. Our training courses do not attempt to cover everything security professionals need to know, but rather, we focus on exactly what people need to do to recognize manipulation in their daily lives. This approach avoids diluting the training impact by covering too much at any given time.
  • Non-Invasive Training: We focus on creating “memorable, shareable” content through utilizing humor to disarm and engage the audience. By basing our humorous training on the latest Social Media and Streaming approaches, we create training content that employees love to engage. No, seriously! This leads to employee engagement which avoids disrupting the workday with un-engaging, unhelpful experiences.

Current courses are positioned to satisfy the following common Compliance Standards and Controls:

CMMC / Awareness & Training / CO11, CO12 / Maturity Level 3 Target
NIST 800-171 / 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.3
NIST 800-53 / AT2(1) – AT3

PsySec Essentials creates a baseline knowledge for your employees, and brings new employees up to speed on Cyber Security threats. PsySec Essentials is an annual training course that touches on each area of security an employee should know for the year.
This course satisfies the following Common Compliance Standards and Controls: CMMC / Awareness & Training / CO11, CO12 / Maturity Level 3 Target NIST 800-171 / 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.3NIST 800-53 / AT2(1) – AT3
Topics Covered: Ransomware, Malware, Password , Physical Security, Mobile Security, Social Engineering, Vishing, Working Remotely, Removable Media, Incident Reporting, Phishing, Safe Web Browsing
Length: 25 Minutes, Modules: 14

Wilderness Jack walks employees through current Cyber Security threats. This annual training course will touch on each area of security an employee should know for the year.
Topics Covered: Malware, Social Engineering, Phishing, Passphrases and M.F.A, Safe Internet Habits, Physical Security, Working Remote, Insider Threat, and Reporting
Length: 30 Minutes, Modules: 12
PsySec Deep Dives unpack and explain a different subject each month in a fun, engaging way. These videos take single topics that are often hard to grasp and make them accessible and memorable to all employees. Deep Dives means your employees are equipped with the knowledge they need to stop attacks before they start.
Topics Covered: Phishing, Ransomware, Safe Web Browsing, Removable Media, Incident Reporting, Malware, Mobile Devices, Vishing, Working Remotely, Social Engineering, Passwords, Physical Security
Length: 8 – 12 Minutes Per Course, 12 Courses (96 Minutes Total)
Each course dives deep into a specific topic from phishing to ransomware and more, and is a great monthly course series for employees to reinforce what they’ve learned in our Annual Training Module
Topics Covered: Mobile Devices, Malware, Insider Threat, Working Remotely, Ransomware, Social Media Scams, Social Engineering, Phishing, Passwords, Safe Web Browsing
Length: 8 – 10 Minutes Per Course, 10 Courses (80 Minutes Total)
Easily launch monthly, automated phishing simulations that test your users and provide instant training to vulnerable employees. These training videos can be paired with over 300 phishing templates in our existing library
Our PsySec training is designed to train all employees in order to increase an organization’s cybersecurity compliance and maturity.
HIPAA Compliance Training gives employees a HIPAA introduction including how to recognize protected health information (PHI), proper uses and disclosures of PHI, how to keep PHI secure, and how to report a breach of PHI.
Length: 30 Minutes Modules: 12
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires workforce privacy awareness training. Under Article 39, the GDPR includes among the tasks of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) “awareness raising and training of staff involved in the process-ing operations.” This course will help employees understand their role in GDPR.
Length: 30 Minutes Modules: 12