How it Works

TEKRiSQ believes that identifying true technology risk is a critical first step in devising a path towards protection. For this reason, everything we do flows from an independent annual risk assessment. The way we do this is a big part of the difference we make.

Data CollectionAccurate & relevant data

We’ve designed all of our assessments to get accurate, relevant data in as little as 30 minutes. Our approach uses standard industry methodologies (ie NIST), as well as proven human-driven questioning techniques to ensure reliability. The process is extremely effective, and eliminates distant analysis that comes from tools that don’t address real issues.



Easy EngagementWith your brand in mind

We schedule and deliver each assessment professionally with your brand in mind. We schedule a face-to-face online discussion using calendar invites, friendly reminders and simple technologies. As an extension of your team, we prioritize courtesy and efficiency: There is no form to complete, application to populate, or homework assignment that follows. Only fast and focused dialogue that minimizes client distraction.


We Speak BusinessUseful Understanding

Pragmatic information is critical to motivate clients to initiate change. TEKRiSQ has created the entire client experience to minimize tech jargon and get right down to the heart of the matter to understand what’s in place and how it is used. Without this critical ingredient an assessment is of little use.



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5 Simple Steps to Drive your Clients


Create an Account – configure easily with all your preferences in mind with a personalized profile.


Choose Client(s) for Assessments – whether one or 100, nominate your clients for assessments and kick-off a process that will drive them towards results. You can also opt to cover costs if you wish, or even bill them separately. All options are available.


TEKRiSQ Schedules Assessments and Keeps You Informed – Our platform will keep you informed of all dates and details.


TEKRiSQ Reporting – Reports and Recommendations are rendered and delivered immediately.


Get Down to Business – TEKRiSQ materials and independent recommendations are used for decision making with your clients, teeing up the key actions to drive fundamental security defenses

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