At TEKRiSQ we deliver service throughout different all stages of engagement with our clients. Initial services are focused on risk prevention, on ways we help to deliver the proper protection for clients, and ongoing education to foster a well-prepared workforce.


TEKRiSQ offers multiple Risk Assessment services. From our base level assessment that will engage your client with a conversation that looks at technology and cyber system safeguards to large enterprise penetration testing that will provide valuable insight to your savviest C-level clients or your most discerning underwriters. TEKRiSQ will identify more than vulnerabilities, but we will help bolster your client’s technology risk management. Our services can be delivered as part of a basic broker fee charged upon binding, or conducted post-bind as a client or agency billed service.


TEKRiSQ has partnered with some of the largest A.M. Best Carriers that have deep experience, visibility, and first-hand knowledge of cyber-technology underwriting and claims. We have partnered with companies that have the coverage capacity (25M, 1st layer) and are open to crafting coverage to adapt to the ever-changing exposure landscape. We will use our years of experience in insurance and technology as well as our assessment services to help negotiate the best possible terms for your clients.


At TEKRiSQ, we believe that you can’t fully manage risk without an engaged and educated workforce. We have created an educational portal for all employees, with comprehensive online training as well as certification programs for technology concentrated employees. We offer access to this portal through TEKRiSQ Partner agents and insureds. Use it for workforce training, driving compliance, and conducting ongoing risk mitigation exercises. Educate your teams on a wide range of topics, from identifying sensitive information all the way to keeping a CTO and their team up to date on changing risk. Additionally, we want independent agents to be the most informed in their ultra-competitive marketplaces, and we certify them to best position IT risk strategy. These certifications keep them abreast of the latest risk management tactics and evolving coverage issues.