Today, helping your business clients accelerate efforts towards cyber resiliency is urgent for organizations large and small. Helping move your firm’s wide variety of clients along the security preparedness continuum takes hard work, focus and time. It also requires a baseline to start from in order to chart where to go next. Unfortunately, determining that baseline is difficult and all-too-often a huge unknown. We make it easy.

While many sophisticated companies have mature processes and procedures to build on, up to 70% of Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) don’t have most fundamentals in place, don’t use resources to address this, and the effort to establish a baseline is a barrier to entry. While legacy risk assessment services require weeks of effort and tens of thousands of dollars, TEKRiSQ assessments can take as little as 30 minutes at a fraction of the cost. This allows you to get to the bottom of cybersecurity legal work quicker, and allows the client to concentrate their resources on prevention, not diagnosis.The barrier to entry is sometimes the initial sticker-shock from the initial effort required to analyze a client’s true risk.

TEKRiSQ Drives Billable Hours

We identify key areas of risk exposure, that quickly helps you drive an action plan for cybersecurity training for lawyers, including the following;

Technology Risk Resilience

Planning, design and preparation – clients will require your assistance to build the right readiness plans. These include ensuring clients have appropriate measures in place to manage cyber risk and respond effectively to a cyber-incident, preserving legal privilege and mitigating potential litigation and reputational risks with knowledgeable legal professionals. We can help deliver those with simple training to relevant stakeholders, and put affordable solutions in place. Your business can help with designing incident response plans, assisting them design regular exercises to refine and practice their plans to respond effectively to incidents. You will be able to create programs that positively change the human resource culture from human liabilities to the company’s strongest assets.

Incident Response

TEKRiSQ will provide insight on compliance obligations, which fuel consulting on federal, state and municipal reporting obligations to data authorities and any relevant industry regulators (civil and criminal). We regularly assist with strategic advice to contain and remediate adverse impacts on businesses, and protect impact on your clients brand. Your ecosystem of trusted global relationships can assist with the response to any incident,ensuring continuity.

Post-Incident Remediation

You can help your clients mitigate the impact of any necessary claims and/or liabilities resulting from an incident. You can also help educate clients through post incident reviews and gap analyses. Leverage your teams to investigate and advise on data incident issues, including third party claims, potential class actions Directors and Officers liability, product & supplier liability; and even employee disciplinary action.

TEKRiSQ helps you compete

Larger law firms are beginning to productize their own cybersecurity practices and processes to deliver and monetize cybersecurity services for their large clients. Many have built alliances with cyber insurance companies that can result in change of counsel upon breach. Driving preventative actions helps avoid a breach, thereby retaining clients long term.

For smaller firms with cybersecurity practices focused on SMB clients, how do you move more of them past the initial hurdles of identifying risk to more actionable plans where you can focus your real skills, drive billable hours and make a real difference?