Today, helping your business clients accelerate efforts towards cyber resiliency is urgent for organizations large and small. Helping move your firm’s wide variety of clients move along the security preparedness continuum takes hard work, focus, and time. It also requires a baseline to start from in order to chart where to go next. Unfortunately, determining that baseline is difficult and all too often a huge unknown.

While many sophisticated companies have mature processes and procedures to build on, up to 70% of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) don’t have fundamentals in place, don’t use resources to address this, and the effort to establish a baseline is a barrier to entry. While legacy risk assessment services require weeks of effort and tens of thousands of dollars, TEKRiSQ assessments require as little as 30 minutes at a fraction of the cost and can initiate new projects.

“For key process improvements, identifying technology risks is big…but it can require many resources.”

-Business Consultant, April 2021


The TEKRiSQ Team makes these critical early steps simple, fast, and affordable.

We know that SMBs are focused on business outcomes, and do not respond to industry jargon without understanding risk in the language of business. TEKRiSQ will help you to streamline those early processes and eliminate this barrier to entry. Our low-cost, independent expertise engages clients, delivers clear business recommendations, and generates new projects for your practice. We simultaneously work to quickly convert SMB liabilities into battle-ready assets, to help you drive compliance and cyber resiliency one small step at a time.