Accounting Firms today are responsible for strong compliance in protecting their clients, as well as the sensitive data that belongs to them. They face sizable threats from the deployment of  malware, phishing attempts, and the overall theft of data they endure to capture sensitive data they work with in delivering services to their clients. Accounting firms are helping their clients address regulatory, tax, compliance and other forms of risk, while overlooking their clients cybersecurity risks. Many Accounting firms are already doing much to protect their clients data today, however this does not address key cybersecurity challenges. Accounting firms must address this with their clients in a scalable and affordable way.

Q: So, how can TEKRiSQ help Accounting solve this problem?

A: TEKRiSQ can provide accounting firms with an easily implementable process that complement annual audits driving clients to adopt more robust cyber practices. TEKRiSQ can do this in a way that helps accountants quantify risk, drive mitigation efforts and comply with regulations… all in an automated, fully brandable way. 

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