Law Firms: Serious Breach Targets!

Story by Bill Haber / July 7, 2021

Dean Mechlowitz Co-Founder

Be prepared for Social Engineering events, Cyber Crime, Business Interruption, Regulatory compliance issues and more

A majority of agencies that deal in Lawyers Professional Liability are aware of the importance of firm management systems that track court filing dates and conflicts of interest, particularly for Litigation firms. While insurance underwriting is interested in how internal staff and technology interact,  what is often more important is how external humans (both authorized and bad actors) interact with firm management systems. The processes and policies for sharing sensitive data, or even allowing trusted parties to access a subset of client data, can be tricky and often spell trouble.

Today, hackers are targeting Law firms for everything from client personally identifiable information to sensitive corporate intelligence and relevant data. With sizable hacks in 2018 that left firms like DLA Piper and Mossack Fonseca reeling, there is a serious appetite for more, and preparedness is key to stay out of the crosshairs.

What can Agencies do about this?

Agencies have some real responsibility here and should anticipate these needs with their Legal clients. Consultative, forward-thinking agents should ask themselves what the ramifications would be if a bad actor/hacker, internal or external, were to gain access to their client’s management systems. We are not just talking a single missed deadline because of a rushed entry, but more likely talking about multiple dates that could be held ransom or left compromised.

The impact could be mitigated with our help. Some areas include;

1.) Assistance in negotiating coverage terms that will “dovetail” with your client’s existing coverage

2.) We can help you / your client implement IT Security strategies including secure access and backup, encryption, and various business continuity planning scenarios.

Please feel free to reach out to discuss any of these coverage and risk management strategies, we’ll be happy to help!