Cyber Highlights

March 20, 2023

Remember those brothers we read about as kids back in the day?

Well, they’re all grown up now, and leading their own companies. However, they still have their differences, especially when it comes to cyber wellness, and developing a corporate culture friendly towards good cybersecurity practices.

One of these companies has experienced some tough times lately with punishing cyber breach activities, EFT Fraud and ransomware, and the other is experiencing amazing growth and strong cyber resilience. See if you can guess which is which.

Goofus image

Mr.Goofus thinks cybersecurity is just a fad, a shakedown for schmucks and can’t be bothered with any of it. It’s never been a problem in the past, so why should anything change? It won’t happen to us, nobody is even targeting us. Why bother?

Mr. Gallant image

Mr.Gallant knows that managing risk is a serious executive responsibility, and failure to address cybersecurity is a huge oversight. He wont allow his company to ignore it. It can happen anytime so the XYZ team takes it very seriously.

Sucker image

Mr.Goofus trusts his vendors…there is no need for any time-consuming process to learn new skills with friends and partners like his! Hey, nobody pulls the wool over his eyes. He pays everyone promptly, with no questions asked. He know who he can trust, and so do his staff. (Nobody talks about the time he got tricked and lost $483K. If the board ever knew!)

Gallant phone image

Mr.Gallant has completed a thorough cyber awareness training program. He follows best practices using a new company process created by cyber experts that validates requested payments to avoid fraud. He and his team always double check with a phone call to each requestor to ensure its not EFT Fraud. So far its kept them out of trouble! Lets hope it continues to work, and always be careful!

goofus irate image

Mr.Goofus had a big night with clients, and now is pissed off. Every computer has a blue screen demanding a ransom payment to turn them back on. Nobody knows what to do, and some people are thinking of going home till its fixed. He just fired Tony in accounting for rolling his eyes, and was last seen yelling “When I get my hands on the sumbitch who let this happen” while calling around to IT firms to create a plan. We must be losing millions waiting around.

gallant-perks image

Mr.Gallant has built a workplace where everyone knows their role, all are trained, and people are rewarded for doing the right things. He provides acknowledgement, encouragement and perks for team members addressing cyber risk initiatives put in place. Yesterday he announced some positive program results, improving scores by 17% over last quarter. The department with best performance got gift cards!

Zero image

Mr.Goofus just authorized Karl to send over $2M worth of bitcoin to some account in Uzbekistan, and to not tell a soul. The Execs are having a meeting later about some payroll crisis, and rumors are spreading like wildfire. Nobody is safe, and everyone is calling around looking for a new job. What the hell happened? Everything was fine a few weeks ago.

Hero image

Mr.Gallant just reported a key new win for the company, having earned the business of a major new client and business partner. We had to prove that we were able to be trusted with exchanging sensitive client data, but given our strong cyber culture and the fact that everyone was trained well, we stood out against the competition. He’s a great boss!

In case there is any confusion, the company struggling with cybersecurity issues is Mr.Goofus’ ABC Enterprises. The best thing for him to do is start with a baseline to determine where there are issues, and build from there. A cyber risk assessment showing specific vulnerabilities can help him and his team get focused, and begin the journey forward.

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